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Professional Articles

The following articles and/or Powerpoint Slides have been written, published and/or presented by Mr. Scott Gabehart through a variety of channels ranging from the Arizona Journal of Real Estate and Business to a formal training session covering business valuation issues for SBA Underwriting Personnel in Sacramento, CA and Hazard, KY.

  General Articles (Arizona Journal of Real Estate and Business)
  Valuation Overview and Commentary
  The Value of Valuations
  Professional Practice Valuations: Part One and Two
  Business Valuation Rules of Thumb and Service Companies
  Use of Quantitative and Qualitative Tools for Business Evaluation
  SBA Change of Ownership Appraisals
  SBA, SOP and Appraisals: Controversy or Opportunity (March, 2014)
  Do You Meet New SBA Valuation Requirements?
  Evolution of SBA’s Business Valuation Policies
  Memo Regarding Goodwill Cap and Intangible Asset Valuation
  Goodwill is a Good Thing
  Recommended Components of SBA Business Appraisals
  Professional Standards for SBA Business Valuation Purposes
  Additional Perspectives Pertaining to SBA-Related Business Valuation
  SBA Loan Programs
  Business Valuation Methods
  Advanced Articles
  The Bottom Line
  Normalization Process Summary/Extended Analysis
  Business Valuation Methods
  Forecasting Considerations and Techniques
  Strategic Versus Financial Buyers
  Importance of Company Specific Risk Premium
  Presentations, Webinars, Etc.
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