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As a Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) with 17 years of experience in both business brokerage and business appraisal for small and middle-market firms, Mr. Gabehart offers comprehensive appraisal services ranging from oral reports to formal written reports (in addition to preliminary and letter form reports). As a seasoned practitioner, author and former faculty member at multiple colleges and universities, Mr. Gabehart has compiled an incomparable collection of valuation-related resources which include both a state-of-the-art and personal library and access to market transaction data from all relevant resources including Bizcomps, Pratt’s Stats, IBA, Done Deals, Mergerstat and more.

Mr. Gabehart is regularly interviewed by leading business publications for advice and insights into a variety of business valuation-related issues ranging from changing SBA loan requirements involving business appraisals to various “how to value” articles involving business ranging from real estate brokerage firms to tanning salons. During the past 12 months, he has been interviewed by Business Week, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Mr. Gabehart has valued or appraised over 600 businesses of all types since 1993, from retail and manufacturing to distribution and service, and for most valuation purposes including the following:

1) Transaction Support (for buyers and sellers)

2) Buy-Sell agreements

3) Divorce

4) SBA Financing

5) Employee Stock Ownership Plan (initial, recurring)

6) Assessment of Damages

7) Estate and Gift Tax

7) Bankruptcy and Reorganizations

7) FAS 157 Fair Value Reporting

8) Other


In addition to routine business valuation services, Mr. Gabehart has also served as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions and has completed recent valuations of new business types such as internet based (e-commerce) companies.

Mr. Gabehart has also developed and taught an MBA-level valuation course at one of the nation's leading MBA programs titled "Valuation, Sale and Purchase of the Private Firm" between 1999 and 2006. He has also earned the Series 7 securities license and is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona (presently inactive). For additional insights, his “Bio” is available here.

Having been a regular columnist for the Arizona Journal of Real Estate and Business covering business valuation issues for several years, a selection of published (and unpublished) articles can be found in the Library section of this website. He is also the author of high-quality books such as The Upstart Guide to Buying, Valuing, and Selling Your Business (Dearborn, 1997), The Business Valuation Book (Amacom, 2002)

Mr. Gabehart’s knowledge and professionalism are recognized by other leading experts of the business valuation profession, as shown by critiques made about his book The Business Valuation Book:


Dr. Shannon Pratt (author of seminal business valuation works and owner of Business Valuation Resources): "A sound but easy-to-understand primer for the nonprofessional to value small-to-medium-size businesses, written by experienced business intermediaries."


Raymond C. Miles (Founder and Director of the Institute of Business Appraisers): “The ARM methodology presented in this book is a novel approach to business valuation and should be very useful both to business brokers and to entrepreneurs contemplating the sale or purchase of a business. The book is very readable. Explanations are clear and thorough. The lists of information to be obtained about the business being appraised are especially useful… This is the best book I have seen on valuing businesses from a brokerage perspective.”


Mr. Gabehart’s books can be purchased through a variety of online channels including Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

Mr Gabehart, today located in Phoenix, Arizona, holds degrees in Economics, German and International Finance, including an MBA from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

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